Preorders Have Ended

3/28/24 Update - Thank you to everyone who preordered our collection! We are hard at work finalizing everything and placing orders for all items.

4/7/24 Update - All items have been ordered and are in production! Keep an eye on our Twitter thread for updates and sample photos/videos.

5/2/24 Update - All items have been received! Shipping boxes and supplies have been ordered and the address change form will be available soon.

5/4/24 Update - If your shipping address has changed, please us this form by May 18 to update it! We will no longer accept address changes once the form is closed.

5/20/24 Update - Emzurl will be away until 5/29, after which shipping will begin. An email with your order's tracking number will be sent once your package has been shipped.

6/3/24 Update - All preorders have been shipped. If you did not receive a tracking email, please check your spam box before reaching out to us, thank you!

Keep an eye out for future updates!