With Love: A Mini Kacchako Collection is a collaborative project with 4 creators. We have come together to share our love of Kacchako with YOU. This project consists of various merch products that showcase our favorite couple's love and a multi-chapter book stepping through the phases of their life.




  • This collection will only be available to purchase during the preorder and leftover periods and will not be restocked anytime after.

  • All items will be ordered from the manufacturers after the preorder period concludes.

  • Cancellations will only be accepted during the preorder period.

  • Funds raised will first go to producing and shipping out all preorders, then any leftover profits will be distributed equally between all contributors.


  • Preorders are open from March 13 through March 27.

  • Only ONE bundle per order. If you would like to preorder multiple bundles, you will have to place separate orders. If you are looking to preorder multiple bundles in one order (ie. Group Order) please send an inquiry through the Contact Form.

  • Since all items will be ordered after March 27, it will take several weeks to a few months for all items to be produced and shipped to us before we will be able to fulfill orders.

Stretch Goal

  • In less than 12 hours, the stretch goal was unlocked, thank you everyone!

  • All Full Bundle orders will receive a 3" acrylic charm of Meggadoodle's die-cut sticker design at no added cost.

  • Only Full Bundles are eligible to receive the stretch goal. Flat Bundles are not eligible to receive the stretch goal.


  • We are shipping from the United States.

  • We cannot ship to the following countries as USPS has suspended delivery to them: Afghanistan, Belarus, Brunei, Central African Republic, Laos, Myanmar, Niue, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen.

  • Customers outside of the United States may need to pay customs and/or VAT fees, we are not responsible for these expenses.

  • We are not responsible for items after they have been shipped.

  • Shipping is estimated to begin around July 2024, but please keep an eye on the contributors' social media and this page for updates as this may change.

Leftovers (After Preorders)

  • Leftover sales will open after all preorders have been delivered. Please keep an eye out for email and social media updates for a date announcement.

  • Any extra items will go on sale during this period as individual listings (with possible bundles being available as well).

  • First come, first served, while supplies last. We cannot guarantee any individual item(s) will be available during this period.

Risks & Challenges

  • As with any preorder campaign, there is the risk of orders taking longer than expected to be delivered to customers. Potential delays from manufacturers and shipping companies are out of our control.

  • To keep all customers in the loop, updates will be sent by email and posted on the contributors' social media pages. This page will also be updated to reflect the same information, so please keep an eye out for any changes.